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Jennifer Lowell is one of the five students from our world drawn to Fionavar, the first of all worlds. There, because she was so bright and shining, the lios alfar befriended her. And because she was so bright and shining, Rakoth Maugrim, the Unraveller, decided to make her a toy, to celebrate his new freedom. So she was kidnapped, tied to the back of Avaia, the black swan, and taken north to Starkadh, where Rakoth raped and tortured her, and intended to have her killed.

Kim, Jennifer's best friend, found her in time, and took her and the others back to Toronto. Pregnant with Rakoth's child, Jennifer decided to have the baby, against the advice of her four friends. It was an act of defiance against Rakoth -- he wanted her dead, and she lived, and she was going to have his child so that there might be a random player in the war of the Light against the Dark.

She had the baby prematurely, when Paul Schafer managed to take her and himself to Fionavar to escape a servant of the Dark. The boy she named Darien, and left him with a mother she knew would give him love. Then, detached and numbed, she returned to Toronto with Paul, and rejoined her friends at last.

Later in canon, it's revealed that Jennifer is actually Guinevere, of Arthurian legend -- a reincarnation, of sorts. She, Arthur, and Lancelot have played out their doomed love triangle in hundreds of worlds and times. Jennifer has memories of all those stories, along with her own memories of Toronto and Fionavar. Because of those double memories, I'm interested in playing Guy Gavriel Kay's version of Guinevere -- especially having played Susan Cooper's version earlier.

But Jen, in and of herself, is a fascinating character. She goes through a horrific experience in Starkadh, and stays defiant to the last. Afterwards, she's intelligent enough to recognize the significance the child she carries could have -- and cold enough to exploit it. But even as she uses Darien, she loves him. She's a sorrowful, brave woman, with a lot of potential.


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