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It has not been so very much time since she and Arthur were reunited, and now she has to say farewell again. Jennifer watches, eyes bright, but clear, as Arthur boards Prydwen, joining Paul and Loren and Diarmuid, and the men of South Keep.

As the southeast wind fills the ship's sails, and they cast off, her eyes on fixed on Arthur. She knows his gaze is fixed, in turn, on her; so she sends him all the strength and pride and love she can.

Finally, Prydwen is nothing but a dot on the horizon, she turns to Aileron.

"Can you spare a guard for me?"

She made this decision a long time ago, it seems.

"I would go to Lisen's Tower."

There's compassion in the High King's eyes, for the sorrow she can feel in her face -- and strangely, she thinks she hears that compassion echoed in Jaelle's quiet "Oh, my dear."

"The Anor Lisen has stood empty a thousand years," Aileron tells Jennifer gently. "Pendaran is a not a place where we may safely go."

She shakes her head, calm and certain. "They will not harm me there. Someone should watch for them from that place."

To her slight surprised, it is Brendel who speaks up and says, "I will take you there and stay with you." But that, too, is right, for hasn't he always offered her help?

Jennifer nods, accepting the offer, and casts a last look over her shoulder towards the horizon

(God speed you home, Arthur)

before turning to Aileron again. There are preparations to be made.


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