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A few minutes later, he leads them into the room where Aileron and Gorlaes are consulting with Kim. Brendel turns to Jen and her companions as they enter and says, "We have been granted aid beyond measure."

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Arthur is tracing the map, examining the roads and rivers between Brennin and Andarien, when the door opens. Beside him, the King and Chancellor of Fionavar look up from the map and turn.

Arthur does not. Something -- the quiet murmur of a voice in the hallway, perhaps, or the faint smell of lavender entering the room -- tells him who has come. He leans on the map table.

"This is Arthur Pendragon," Brendel continues, "whom Kimberly has summoned for us. My lord Arthur, I would present to you--"

Arthur must look up, now, and he does. He has nothing to spare for Kimberly, whom he knows, or Paul and Jaelle, whom he has not. All his attention is on the third woman. She is pale, distant, but still golden. He loves her, of course, and he always has, in all the lifetimes that he has known this Guinevere. A curse lies between them, though, and has always lain there. In one world, in one life, I killed the children.

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Everyone in the room is still, watching the ancient tragedy play out. Arthur has forgotten there is an audience.

"Oh, Guinevere," says Arthur Pendragon.

(There is another Guinevere, he remembers. The triad names three great queens of Arthur. Only one of them is here, though, and he loves her. "Oh, my very dear."

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"I knew you would be here," Arthur says, out of his memories of all the worlds bound up with Fionavar.

(They always are, because of the children.

Where is the third one?)

Because she is still standing there, because she has not moved to come towards him, the Warrior draws on his other life. He needs the distance it can give him, now. "Madam?" says Arthur Pendragon, with smiling courtesy.

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(And when all is done, will you come to the silver-circled castle under the apple trees?

Guinevere did come, at the last. It was not the last. There were three great queens of Arthur, in the triad.)

"And you, madam," says Arthur Pendragon, bowing his head to his lady. "Grant you rest."


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